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Pet Waste Removal

pet waste removal los angeles

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Los Angeles


Phone: 1-866-266-1195
Areas Serviced: Los Angeles and surrounding area
Bio: Pet All services include Freshyards entering and thoroughly removing all pet waste from your backyard, providing a cleaner, safer home for you and your pet.

Phone: 1-800-738-2885
Areas Serviced: Serving all of America
Bio: Pet Butler provides professional pet waste cleanup and removal services plus pet stations and supplies to individual yards, parks, and multi-family communities across North America.

Phone: 866-888-POOP
Areas Serviced: Southern California
Bio: DWRS is making life easier for dog owners by cleaning up and removing dog waste (feces) from customers yards and dog pens. We will come to your yard, clean up all the waste and take it away. You simply pay a convenient monthly invoice.

All businesses listed are local to the Los Angeles area and are updated on a regular basis. If you see any information that is incorrect or outdated, please notify us via email.

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